Staring at a blank white screen tonight

February 4, 2016

I still have many post ideas leftover from my list.  Up & coming soon:

— childcare thoughts
— barre3

But . . . many nights after a long day I just don’t have it in me to write with that much structure or purpose.

So: without further ado, 20 random things about me.  Starting . . . now.

Age: 35

Sign:  Taurus (though Genimi cusp)

Meyers-Briggs:  ESFJ

Habit-formation tendency:  Upholder

Gestational age:  >42 weeks if you believe my mother.

Born:  Philadelphia, PA

Blog history:  Will be 12 years this summer.  Just omg.  Prior ULR:  Don’t even ask.

Current favorite TV show:  tie between Mozart in the Jungle and Silicon Valley

Daily beverage:  2-3 capsules-worth of Nespresso (black)

Other daily beverage:  La Croix (fave flavor: Grapefruit, aka “Pamplemousse”)

Other not-quite daily beverage:  Wine

Favorite book as a high schooler:  Tie between The Bell Jar and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Only sport during middle & high school:  Cheerleading

Favorite book as an adult:  The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle 

Shoe size: 6

Scent:  Chanel Allure

Handedness:  Left

Achilles heel:  My vision is horrendous; my contacts are like -12 diopters.

Random talent:  I used to have perfect pitch (came in handy during my orchestra & a cappella days).  Pretty sure I don’t anymore.

Childhood idol:  Tiffany

PS:  Day 3 going strong!  And really really happy about it.

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