Stood Up: babysitting rant

February 7, 2016

One week ago, midnight:

100% believed her.  OR at least 98%.
Ended up taking call with no child care (not ideal).


(texts referring to Saturday night were sent Thursday afternoon)

Confirmed for 6:30pm.
No answer to text at 6:45pm.
No answer to phone (got voicemail) at 7:00pm.
No one at door yet — it’s7:52pm.

BAH!  So for those of you who asked for tips on how to find great babysitters, clearly I still have some of my own learning to do.  Honestly, aside from one absolute gem (who has since moved to CA), I have not had good luck with millennials taking some babysitting jobs on the side of college/day job/whatever.  Instead, I am learning that career nannies (i.e. responsible adults who truly appreciate the work) are the way to go, even for weekend babysitting gigs.  College students seem to have great intentions until . . . they don’t.

For the record, we pay well ($20/hr is the going rate in our area, and I round up, and our kids are asleep for most of the job!).  And I am meticulous about scheduling in advance and confirming.  I did not send an extra confirmation text in this case, because on THURSDAY, we had that text conversation (“See you Saturday”) and the time confirmation.

AGHGHGHG.  Just needed to vent.  I’m annoyed about tonight but even more annoyed that someone would just . . . brush me off like that.  If it ends up being that she had a true TRUE emergency (i.e. car accident) I will feel really horrible about this post, but at this point I think that is unlikely (right?).  Either she got the dates mixed up (which would be . . . very weird to me) or she just forgot (not really acceptable) or she decided she had something better to do.

Okay.  Ending rant.  Guess we are not going anywhere tonight.

Got text at 10 pm that she fell asleep and was really sorry and realized it was irresponsible.
I still think we’re probably done.

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