weekend (unplugged)

February 8, 2016
Swim: cancelled due to “cold”
(It was 55.  It’s a heated outdoor pool but I guess they figured the babies would be too cold and they cancelled all the classes)
Instead, we hit South Pointe Park and shopped & prepped for our Superbowl playdate/dinner extravaganza.  It was fun.  
I made:
Guacamole (Cook’s Illustrated recipe)
Bleu cheese dip (NY times recipe which got rave reviews)
Chips & veg for dipping
Cincinnati chili (Cook’s Illustrated again)
Olive oil & coconut brownies (good but needed less sugar)
. . . and I took nary a picture.  Not because I was being so unplugged, but because I actually forgot 🙂

PS: day 7 down.  No cheating!

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