whirlwind month / Unplugged30 update

February 20, 2016


It is February 20th.  Cameron’s 2nd birthday, first of all.  Which feels incredible because I still see him as our baby.  (And to be fair, he’s a young 2.  Which I love.)

But also — this month had just felt like a whirlwind.  Or a roller coaster.  There have been some bright spots, but it has also felt sort of crushing and overwhelming.

* Cameron’s 2nd birthday party was definitely the bright spot thus far.  I feel like I did an excellent job with the planning and it just went really really well (other than everyone in our family being sick.)

* I received my second Nordstrom trunk, and there are sooooo many cute things in there.  Too many really.  Will do an upcoming post as I welcome opinions on what to keep.

* Unplugged30 has largely still gone really really well.  I have not been 100% perfect — there have been random times when I have needed to go into email for something, and then get sucked in, and other times where I honestly just forgot one of my own rules.  But overall, it has gone well and it has been a BIG change.  I have not been scrolling mindlessly AT ALL and my phone use in the bedroom, car, and with the kids has been reduced to essentially 0.  Interestingly, I still feel somewhat happy and relieved to be away from Facebook.  I do miss the mindless candy of Instagram a bit.  I do not miss the blogs that I took off of my reader, but I have been clicking through Ana‘s sidebar a bit during my allowed blog-reading sessions.  I have been reading more.  And going to bed earlier (also a necessity because of being sick.).  I feel much better/satisfied about my time use overall despite the negative details below.

* Josh has been sick for nearly 2 weeks.  He is just now feeling better (said so yesterday).  I have had a mild version that has lingered a week, and A&C had their versions as well.  Just UGH.  C in particular has had a runny nose since the new year and has intermittently needed albuterol.

* Because of the above, no one has slept well.  I am tired.

* Work has just felt frenetic and crazy.  I still love my job but for some reason, things have just felt overwhelming in the past month or so.  I feel like I have no time to do any deep thinking or work on any of the longer-term projects (that are important!) and have been simply putting out fires.  Mostly clinical/logistical ones.

* Our babysitter no-show, and then losing my precious “me day”.  I’m over it now, but it stung at the time.

* I ended up quitting my Mindfulness class (MBSR).  Yep.  Too busy to be mindful.  Or to meditate 40 minutes a day.  Shocking, I realize.  I decided I’d rather use that time with Josh, or to read, or to get work done.  I still am trying to incorporate a daily meditation practice and definitely am interested in trying the class again in the future at a less busy time, which probably means . . . 2040 or so.  Having to quit felt sort of demoralizing and sad.  But it had to happen and also released the pressure that I was feeling about not being to keep up with “assigned” meditations and such.

* Probably due to all of the above, I’ve been eating like total @*#&@!.  This never helps me feel any better (about life or about myself).

* Because our nanny wasn’t able to come Monday, she is coming today!  Which is really great, since Josh is on call (this is one of our few non-overlapping call weekends for him, since he is q4 and I am q5).  I am going to take each kid to a separate birthday party so it will be a very social day.

* I am going to try to also sneak in a pedi.  Wish me luck.

* I am going away for work next week to a conference related to my associate program director role.  I am excited to learn a lot and honestly also to take a (relatively short!) break from normal life.


Happy weekend, everyone!  Any Unplugged30 updates?

Proof from school photo session – (yes I am going to buy the real pic!)

Happy birthday Mr C!

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