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March 27, 2016

So after all of that angst the past week . . . I feel relatively caught up now.  And 50493 times calmer.  This is entirely because A&C did a mini-vacay at our nanny’s house from Thursday night until this (Sunday) morning, so I finally had a chance to plow through a lot of nagging things that needed doing.  And plow I did.

I think that a lot of my quality of life comes down to making sure I have enough child care when I am on call.  In February, I had 1 day of call.  In March, I have 15 – and today is 13/15.  Thus it should not be all that earth-shattering that it was a really stressful month.

Things accomplished over the past 3 days:
Many many many nagging work tasks (returning emails, patient calls, finishing notes, etc etc etc ad nauseum)
Paying of bills
A Goodwill dropoff (on the way to work) of some excess toys & outgrown kids’ clothes
Finished my Life Plan (I was almost done anyway)
Some sleep catchup, (though limited by work calls)
4 mi run (Friday) + Barre3 workout (Sat) + 5mi run (today)

Fun things:
Work party on Saturday night
Snuggling with C
Cookie-baking with A (sunflower butter cookies – easiest recipe ever and really delicious)
Watching multiple episodes of Girls (I’m on Season 3)
Listening to a lot of podcasts (because I drove all over South FL it seems, this weekend)

So yeah.  Work-filled long weekend, but I sort of feel human again.

Note:  Yes, having this much help with A&C this weekend was a huge luxury.  But I feel so much calmer and saner than I did before I had that little bit of space to get @)#! done.


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