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March 2, 2016

1.  I have been asked to do a post on my medical specialty selection.  I am going to wait until I am done with call lest that color my views in a negative light.  That said, I am pretty sure I picked the right specialty for my personality.  Although I also think I would have been happy in a lot of other fields (i.e. non medicine).

2.  Ever since The Great Sickness of last month (which still lingers in my throat even though I want to deny it), I have had trouble waking up early.  It is like an hour of time has been taken away from me.  And I really needed that hour!
3.  I haven’t run since Friday and it feels like forever.  I am giving myself another pass today (throat still really hurts) but hoping that tomorrow I can at least put in a couple of easy miles.
4.  I lost my Fitbit.  The design of the Charge just failed me — twice — because it just fell off of my wrist when I was doing some child wrangling, which went unnoticed at the moment.  And now it is never to be seen again.  Again.  I will say I miss having a step count!  I liked the “credit” for running after the kids or walking to see a consult.  I also liked the clock & phone call notifications.  So I will probably buy another similar device.  I am torn between getting another Fitbit (that CLOSES with an actual watch-like clasp, like the HR) or changing to a different brand.  The latter seems logical (because I am annoyed!) but friends/people I know all have the FB and I am used to the interface.  
tempting.  very tempting.
5.  I 100% missed the Oscars.  Looking at the reports, that’s probably just fine, because the only two movies with nominations that I saw last year were The Martian and Inside Out.  I don’t think we could add significant movie-watching time to our lives without sacrificing something else (books?  the few TV shows we sometimes watch?), so I think that will have to be tabled until the kids are teens.  Or older.  

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