scarcity vs abundance

March 19, 2016

Good morning and happy Saturday.

I had an exhausting week.  It started out well, but several factors conspired to make things challenging:
1) The Time Change –> bedtime wasn’t as terrible of a struggle as I thought it might be, but I put the kids to bed later all week.  After 8.  Which meant the tiny slice of rest/relaxation time I counted on in the evenings mostly disappeared.
2) Josh had a really busy work week –> so, I was alone for bedtime 4/5 nights, and our nanny did the other one.  
3) Work was really really busy for me too –> to the point where I never really got caught up, despite trying my absolute best to be efficient.  This was really frustrating.  I am starting to feel like the urgent is overtaking the important, day after day, and it is wearing on me.
Thankfully it is the weekend.  I am determined not to spend it worried about the phone calls I still have to make or how hectic next week is going to be.  I had an unpleasant hurried feeling all week — where I felt like I was always behind and therefore always rushing.  I am a little bit at a loss as to how to make things better.  I was listening to some podcast where the speaker was talking about operating from an abundance mindset rather than a scarcity one with respect to time.  I definitely treat my time like it is scarce.  Because it feels scarce.  I would like to change this, but I am not sure how.
That said, perhaps a relatively calm weekend with a lot of family time (and some Josh time, and hopefully a bit of me time) will help.  

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