sick saga continues

March 6, 2016

Just OMG.

Cameron is sick (and on steroids) again.
And I am sick again.  After being “well” (mostly) for about 3 days.
I don’t even recall being ravaged with viral nastiness for this long.  Like, ever.  You know how usually after a cold you are ‘safe’ from colds for a few weeks?  That is always how it worked out for me, anyway, and I usually credited enhanced interferon activity post-infection for that immunologic feat.  This time, it has been a full month.  I have lost count of the number of discrete illness episodes there seem to have been.  I am losing my patience (and some of my sanity.)

I haven’t run in 8 days, which is really saying something.  I will say that I ran through mild illness through most of February, but then decided when I felt really awful last week (fevers chills, etc) that I needed to just rest.  And I got better for about 2 days and then got a Brand New Virus is my reward for that dazzling display of self-care.

I am also on call.
Of course.

My only saving grace is that a babysitter is here right now watching A&C while I am hiding upstairs, finishing a backlog of patient notes from this past week.  (And writing this during a break.)

I just really want my energy & life to return to normal again.  And for Cameron to feel better.  And breathe normally.

PS: I realize that this is so minor and that we are lucky that we are not dealing with any REAL illness – just annoying and unpleasant viruses (many of them, apparently).  And I am!  It does make me appreciate this fact.  It also does not change the fact that I would really really like us to get over this ($*&@! like NOW.

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