Day 3/7 // current music obsessions

April 21, 2016
Well.  Thus far, this week is turning out to be actually . . . okay!  My parents have been SUPER helpful and it has been fun getting to spend time with them each evening.  Call also hasn’t been tooooooo bad, compared to my last couple of weeks which were just jam-packed.  I am somewhat behind at work (all it takes is a day or two off, and I end up in a hole which can last a week) but have remained calm about it.  Today I hope to catch up — and if not today, there’s always the weekend.
I am so inspired by Laura Vanderkam finishing a year of time logs!  I have trouble doing this for even more than one day.  One thing I am struggling with currently is the competition of urgent vs important, especially at work (but probably in other areas of life as well).  I find that learning/thinking time, and even more long-term project time always seems to get the shaft in my work day, simply crowded out by patient volume and tasks like returning phone calls and renewing RXs and dealing with (at times, mind-numbing) logistics.  This is particularly difficult lately because of my role in our up and coming residency program*.  I think I am really going to have to figure out how to protect my time and advocate for myself in the coming months . . . any tips are welcome.
On another note, here are two music picks from me today:
1) Kurt Vile, “Pretty Pimpin”
This song is just haunting to me. 
2) Kacey Muscgraves, “Biscuits”
Okay, so I’m late to the party (which happens to be one of her song titles!) with this artist.  In my defense, I don’t listen to much country so she just wasn’t on my radar.  
She has such as silky voice and clever lyrics — I could listen to her all day.
Music suggestions?  Who else am I missing out on because of not listening to a specific genre (country / R&B / ??)
* yet to be officially ACGME approved, but hopefully soon!

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