Day 5/7: over the hump

April 23, 2016
Oops, missed a day yesterday.  We have reached day 5, which I consider “over the hump”, as far as call is concerned.  I already rounded today, and the end is in sight.  I am very thankful that this week hasn’t been quite as crazy as it often is.  Especially the nights!  Honestly, I wouldn’t mind call at all if it weren’t for the nights.  Maybe someday things will be set up differently (perhaps as electronic medical record accessibility improves?) but for now it’s just a necessary part of my job.

So I will take the good weeks as a gift and remember to appreciate them!

Last night we attended a Passover seder hosted by Josh’s parents.  I have a lot of complex thoughts about religion, but it isn’t something I want to write about here.  That said, the family gatherings are so lovely.  And Annabel did a great rendition of some song about frogs landing all over the pharoah’s body parts and belongings.

Today, thus far I have:

– completed a 5 mi run (got up early!)
– rounded/finished notes on inpatients, AND finished backlog of outpatient notes

About to head back home to relieve my parents, who have been “on call” for Josh and I all week as our nanny took her (much-deserved!) vacation.  They have been amazing but I think they are tired out . . .likely will plan on timing our vacay with G’s next time, although I imagine watching A&C will only get more fun/easier with time.

Passover insta-pic:

Happy weekend!

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