Day 7/7 / the sleep dance

April 26, 2016
Today started out so nicely . . .
Really peaceful & productive morning – beginning with barre3
. . . and actually, it wasn’t a bad day overall.  BUT it ended terribly.  Seeking practical advice.  Here’s our normal nighttime routine:
6:45p – warm milks for both kids (they eat dinner early — like at 5 — so this way no one is hungry before bed)
7p – prep for bedtime, both kids (teeth, pajamas, etc)
7:10p – read books with both kids in Cameron’s room.  Sometimes Annabel will stay in her own room, but usually she really wants to be included.  However, this is understood to be his book time, and he sits on my lap for the duration.
7:30p – put C to bed.  (Sing with him, turn on his sound machine/ melody, place in crib).  Usually this goes well.  Smoothly, even!  Sometimes it might be a little later (7:45, 7:50, at the latest close to 8), but on work nights usually it’s 7:30p.
7:35p – read to Annabel in her room.  
7:55p – let her watch a short video on the phone
8:00p – A to bed (and I will humor her by sleeping on her floor “for a little bit”, which is less than 5 minutes because she falls asleep almost instantaneously
It’s a nicely choreographed little dance.  When it works.  But today I suspect that C napped too late, and he was 100% Not. Having. It. when I put him to bed at 7:30p.  (45 minute protest with me intermittently going in to tell him “it’s bedtime, Cameron, I love you, but we have to go night-night now.”  
So here’s the thing:  I think that actually, A probably needs to go to bed before C, on a physiologic level.  He still naps 2-3 hours.  He is only 2 years (and 2 months), so this is appropriate.  A hasn’t napped since she turned 3, but I know she is usually really tired at the end of the day because a) cranky and b) if we drive anywhere after 5 pm she will 100% fall asleep, even if it’s only a 10 minute trip.
How, though, can I orchestrate this when I am alone?  I know that A craves her alone time with me, and I cannot imagine her taking the news lightly that C is going to bed after her.  
Perhaps the answer is just . . . no marathon naps for C!  But that does have a downside too (dysphoric nap interruption syndrome – I don’t know if that’s a real thing, but it should be).  
Ps: tomorrow –> no more call!  Hooray!
Pps: Silicon Valley is back on!

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