notes from the road: Baltimore

April 29, 2016

. . . and a hotel bar.

I am in Baltimore for a meeting — the Pediatric Endocrine Society, plus some of the offerings from Pediatric Academic Society, held concurrently.  Today I attended a leadership training course, because of my newfound responsibilities with our residency, and also because it just sounded interesting.  It was actually really great, and I got a lot out of the segments on emotional intelligence, conflict management, and providing feedback.

There was also a time management section, but . . . well, honestly I already consider myself a time management ninja (THANK YOU LV, and also David Allen too, really).

I am currently sitting in a hotel bar, nursing a glass of sauvignon blanc.  This is glorious on multiple levels.  I think I may actually dine in the hotel restaurant . . . alone.  Josh does this all the time on conferences — checking out a local restaurant alone.  I never do.  And I suppose I might venture out into the city, but our hotel restaurant looks at least halfway decent* and I’m lazy.

I miss the kids, but having 1-2 work trips per year is perfect for me.  I really enjoy them.  I love the opportunity to network, learn (& take copious notes!), and relax once in a while.  I feel so lucky that my career path allows for these little mini-retreats.

* and they have crab cakes

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