Getting Things Done (again)

May 5, 2016

I just searched my own blog for references to David Allen’s Getting Things Done, to see when I discovered it.  The earliest reference was from 2006, so it has been at least 10 years.  However, I have definitely had periods of greater (and lesser) adherence to his system.

I had actually sort of forgotten about it in recent years, but came across this post from one of my favorite eye-candy bullet journaling instas — @boho.berry.  And I’m BACK, baby!  With a vengeance.  Like my instagramming inspiration, I believe that I can (and should) develop a GTD system of my own using mostly paper.  Today I have an administrative half-day, and in addition to some other work, I am going to organize the ($*&@ out of my work projects and duties.  I am listening to the updated version of GTD and am all fired up about Next Actions and Reviews and Someday/Maybe already.

I will of course share more later 🙂  Off to run!

PS: May goals were going great until yesterday when I was hit with a wave of “sooooo tired” (namely because poor C woke up again Tuesday night).  But he slept through last night (yay!) so hopefully things are looking up!

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