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May 25, 2016
vacation day 2:
hiking in Armstrong Woods
massages (YES)
some tv watching (Silicon Valley & A Place to Call Home)
a lot of laziness

Pretty much perfection 🙂
Ana had quite an interesting post yesterday, inspired by a prior post by nicoleandmaggie.  The topic at hand: how does your online persona compare with your IRL one?

HMMMM.  IRL I think I:
– am sillier.  more lighthearted than I often come off here.
– am more sarcastic. 
– curse more.
– am more impulsive.
– express more passionate opinions.  
Much of the above is because this is a public blog, and I am well aware that my identity is either obvious or very easy to figure out based on context.  I know that patients (and prospective patients!) sometimes stumble upon this site while attempting to google reviews and credentials.  Therefore, even as I strive for authenticity, I am always writing with that filter in mind.  
There’s also the fact that things may skew because certain moods are more likely to invoke a blog post than others.  Some have noted that I always seem to be on some sort of self-improvement quest, and I guess that’s somewhat true.  But I also tend to post more when I get in that problem-solving/troubleshooting mode, and when I have time to really think things over.  And — as Ana noted in her post — your feedback is often really valuable in these scenarios.   
Thoughts?  Also, I wonder how blog-identities compare to other forms of social media – insta, snapchat, and the like?  Are some platforms more likely to show true colors, or is that just an illusion?  I don’t think you can ever really know someone until you have interacted with them in real life, but at the same time I have met some true friends though the blog.

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