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May 13, 2016

OMG, you guys.  Thank you so much for the intelligent, thoughtful, and brave (especially from the lone dissenter who was straightforward about it!) comments.  I absolutely have not made up my mind in any direction (even if it might sound like it) but it is so nice to have your perspectives.  The comment section in yesterday’s post even beats out the heated (hahaha . . .bad  pun?) 2012 debate on wipe warmers*.

I wanted to share Lagliv’s post, which she wrote in response to my emailed question about 3, because

a) it’s a really amazing, heartwarming post


b) she is one of my favorite bloggers.

8 of my current 25.  

I have written previously about how I have significantly culled my blogroll, and I have**.  But she is well worth her feedly slot.  She writes about her family life mostly, and I love that she tends to come off as extremely positive (the woman clearly loves life!) but also real.  She is also a lawyer working full time with 3 children.

While we are at it, here are a few more recent posts from other blogs that I found really intriguing, inspiring and/or useful:

Theta Time from Penelope Loves Lists.  I really like the recategorization of down time and relaxation as a concrete, official-sounding To-Do item.

Un-Fancy & flared jeans.   This is the only fashion blog I read.  I think I am ready to try some flares again after about a 12 year hiatus!

Nice Things – a thought-provoking post about wanting “Nice” consumer goods, and an exploration of those ideas.  Personally, I really do love (and appreciate, and am grateful to use) Nice Things in some arenas, but not others.  Maybe I will do my own take on this topic later.

* which we have never used or owned

** currently I subscribe to 25 feeds, but a decent portion of these update only rarely.  I plan to keep under this number so if one comes in, one goes out!

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