hello JUNE

June 1, 2016


New month.

Does anyone else look forward to changing their contacts on the 1st of the month?
Just me?

Today I head back to work after an 11 day stretch of work-free days.  I did check my work email periodically, but did not touch my EPIC (electronic medical record) inbox.  The break was all I hoped it would be.

Between February 1 and May 31, there was just so much going on.  A&C had birthdays (and parties).  I traveled to 2 work conferences, each 4-5 days (Baltimore & DC).  We attended a wedding in Boston, a college reunion in NC, and had our big anniversary trip last week in CA.  May contained Mothers’ Day, my birthday, and our anniversary.  It has all been really fun, but it has also been a lot.

I enjoy being busy, but I am really looking forward to more time at home over the next few months, and just getting into a summer routine.  We have no air travel planned until the fall.  I see many pool playdates, splash pads, and BBQs in our future*.

I also see more sleep, calmer weekends, and (hooray!) a bit less call than I had in the earlier part of the year.  I set a bunch of lofty goals for May and completely failed.  It was a month full of fun and celebration.  It was not a month of productivity, healthy eating, or financial organization.  I did manage to meet my literary goals, by reading a novel (Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld — meh) and listening to the audio version of the 2015 edition of Getting Things Done.  And I’m 90% through No Drama Discipline, which I really really liked.

But rather than bemoan the rest of my May loose ends, I’m starting over.  I think that this month — less busy, more open, and the start of a new season — will be the perfect time to reset.


1) Enjoy purposeful mornings.  Laura Vanderkam recently posted about her morning routine.  Josh and I took some time to strategize during our vacation with regard to how to each fit in workouts each  week (me = 4 runs / 2 barre sessions; him 2-3 runs / 2 gym sessions).  The kids have been sleeping many mornings until 7** (yay!).

For me, the ideal morning consists of:

– brief (5-7 minute) meditation
– quick organization session (plan day)
– blog post
– workout (30 – 45 minutes)

and it is not rushed.  This is actually pretty doable if I start around 5am.

2) FLOSS.   OMG.  I have failed at this over the past few months, and my last dentist appointment (yesterday) made it clear that this is a very bad thing.

3) Declutter.  Even though I love Marie Kondo, I personally find that I have to continually do this, especially as children’s clothing/toys accumulate.  I want to systematically go through the house and donate what we do not use or love.

4) Work.  I want to do all of the things I set out to do in May but didn’t!

– address productivity ideas/issues with our manager
– set up journal club / case conference
– work on curriculum for medical students

5) Get back in shape
All of that celebration took its toll and I feel totally out of shape.  It was worth it!  But I’m ready to get back into my routine.  Not eating 3473 desserts a day might help, and ramping back up on running mileage/speed.  Hopefully by the end of the month I will feel like I am back to (my) normal.

The Indoor Running mode is scarily accurate!  Both the treadmill and my watch read 4.14 mi.
(4 mi with walk break in the middle)
6) Plan in FUN.  The summer bucket lists are ubiquitous and a little cheesy.  I want to make one with A’s input!  To be featured in a future post.
Here’s to SUMMER!!

* Although we need to acquire a grill.
** OF course both were up at 6 while I was writing this post.

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