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June 10, 2016

1) Bedtime battles continue.  AGHGHGH, out of the blue Cameron has seriously become a major challenge at night.  (And he’s pretty crazy the rest of the time, too.)   I am hoping that maybe camp will tire him out more!?

I am neither for nor against CIO – I think that each kid and family is different.  But I think of it more as a method for babies, not 2 year olds.  We had to limit/cut A’s nap around 3 — surely this isn’t already happening with C at 2 1/4?

For whatever reason, this is really really challenging and heartbreaking for me.  I don’t want to end each day this way.

2) Work-related angst.  I don’t usually write about these things, but why oh why are people so obsessed with how tall their (perfectly beautiful, brilliant, and healthy) children are going to be!?  I actually ended up ranting and raving in my (5’8″, female) colleague’s office:  WHAT have those inches actually gotten you in life that you wouldn’t have had otherwise?  She couldn’t answer me.

Also I am sure that patients think perhaps that I don’t get it because I am short.  They’re right!  Because being not-even 5’1″ has had 0 negative impact on me.  I realize that there are tougher societal pressures on boys, but not everyone can be 6′.  /endrant.

oh Arianna, if only you had gotten growth hormone you wouldn’t be such a failure today!
oh wait . . .

3) Weekend plans.

I do not have things nearly as laid out as last weekend, but they may include:

– kids movie night (tonight)
– mall trip for Father’s Day shopping :).  And possibly ear piercing for Annabel!  She is asking for them . . . so why not?
– Flybarre
– the library!
– ice cream w/ kids
– “Give Away or Keep” (Annabel’s term for Kon-Mari-ing)


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