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June 2, 2016

Today is the last day of school for A&C!  Next year she will be in Pre-K and he will be in the 2s (aka Pre-Pre-Pre-K), and they will both be there every day.  Ahhh!  I know that still sounds so little to those of you who have older kids, but it sounds so big to me.  I have been really really happy with their school experiences so far (well — mostly Annabel, because at C’s age it’s more like group playtime/socialization, and he goes for just 2 days per week).   

So, SUMMER.  It’s officially here.  Both kids will attend camp (C just 3 days per week / A every day), but there will be some downtime before.  Even though our kids are too young for homework, I am looking forward to some more relaxed routines, more outside time, more adventure.  
I was listening to the Happier podcast yesterday and loved Gretchen Rubin’s concept of Designing Your Summer, which was the idea that summer could be a time when you purposefully choose some new routines/projects.  I am not sure what mine are going to be yet — but I love this idea.  One idea I had was that we would try to do Sunday afternoon playdate/dinners every weekend (when not on call).  I love how this social time eases the transition into a new week, and we are starting to make more friends with kids the same age as A&C.
More ideas forthcoming.  Does anyone else have routines/rituals/projects that are different in summer?  (Obviously I am selfishly looking for ideas.  Gretchen’s personal choices of having lunch out every day and reading classics for 2 hours each morning are not going to fit with my lifestyle.)
Summer = the off season here for running.  In my own opinion, anyway.  Because it’s freaking hot, and humid, and that combo makes me slow and makes long runs un-fun.  That said, I do not plan to retreat to the treadmill.  I still love to run outside, even if I have to slow down and make the runs shorter.  
So, my plan for this summer is going to be:
Runs // 4x/week (unless life gets in the way), 3 that are 4-5 miles and 1 that is perhaps a little longer (5-7).  I am really not going to focus on pace or do much speedwork right now.  I will hold at 15-20 miles/week until September when I start ramping up to train for the Miami Half (which has now become a yearly routine 🙂 ).
Barre // 2x/week.  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but since I got a question recently I will clarify.  I do barre3 workouts at home ($15/month subscription for unlimited streaming workouts of varying lengths/themes) and also go to Flybarre 2-3x/month (usually Saturday mornings).  I wish I could go to more live classes, but for right now, this combo seems to be reasonable.  
Why barre?  Because I really don’t like strength training very much, but I do enjoy barre and it makes me really sore so I feel like it counts.
Future aspirations // Someday I’d love to add back a weekly yoga class.  I am not sure the time is right for this yet, though.  AND someday I’d also like to try a boot camp class too.  But I suspect I probably won’t like it as much as barre.
All right!  OFF to run.  


  • Reply Erica March 10, 2019 at 7:11 pm

    I think the way we make our summers special is by going to the pool after work, eating outside, being more relaxed about bed time (silly though because we’re still waking up early and working!), and having a summer bucket list. That’s kid-related. For me and Dan, we’re all about picking a summer tv show, something that we haven’t watched that we can finish over the summer. A few years ago it was Justified. Last year I think we did Orphan Black, and we haven’t decided on this summer’s show but we might catch up on Parenthood (we have 1.5 seasons left) and the last season of Mad Men. I really want to watch My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend but it’s not streaming anywhere just yet! That and drinks on the back porch after G goes to bed!

  • Reply Brittnie March 10, 2019 at 7:11 pm

    * I do find myself being more purposeful 🙂

  • Reply Faith March 10, 2019 at 7:10 pm


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