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June 2, 2016

Today is the last day of school for A&C!  Next year she will be in Pre-K and he will be in the 2s (aka Pre-Pre-Pre-K), and they will both be there every day.  Ahhh!  I know that still sounds so little to those of you who have older kids, but it sounds so big to me.  I have been really really happy with their school experiences so far (well — mostly Annabel, because at C’s age it’s more like group playtime/socialization, and he goes for just 2 days per week).   

So, SUMMER.  It’s officially here.  Both kids will attend camp (C just 3 days per week / A every day), but there will be some downtime before.  Even though our kids are too young for homework, I am looking forward to some more relaxed routines, more outside time, more adventure.  
I was listening to the Happier podcast yesterday and loved Gretchen Rubin’s concept of Designing Your Summer, which was the idea that summer could be a time when you purposefully choose some new routines/projects.  I am not sure what mine are going to be yet — but I love this idea.  One idea I had was that we would try to do Sunday afternoon playdate/dinners every weekend (when not on call).  I love how this social time eases the transition into a new week, and we are starting to make more friends with kids the same age as A&C.
More ideas forthcoming.  Does anyone else have routines/rituals/projects that are different in summer?  (Obviously I am selfishly looking for ideas.  Gretchen’s personal choices of having lunch out every day and reading classics for 2 hours each morning are not going to fit with my lifestyle.)
Summer = the off season here for running.  In my own opinion, anyway.  Because it’s freaking hot, and humid, and that combo makes me slow and makes long runs un-fun.  That said, I do not plan to retreat to the treadmill.  I still love to run outside, even if I have to slow down and make the runs shorter.  
So, my plan for this summer is going to be:
Runs // 4x/week (unless life gets in the way), 3 that are 4-5 miles and 1 that is perhaps a little longer (5-7).  I am really not going to focus on pace or do much speedwork right now.  I will hold at 15-20 miles/week until September when I start ramping up to train for the Miami Half (which has now become a yearly routine 🙂 ).
Barre // 2x/week.  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but since I got a question recently I will clarify.  I do barre3 workouts at home ($15/month subscription for unlimited streaming workouts of varying lengths/themes) and also go to Flybarre 2-3x/month (usually Saturday mornings).  I wish I could go to more live classes, but for right now, this combo seems to be reasonable.  
Why barre?  Because I really don’t like strength training very much, but I do enjoy barre and it makes me really sore so I feel like it counts.
Future aspirations // Someday I’d love to add back a weekly yoga class.  I am not sure the time is right for this yet, though.  AND someday I’d also like to try a boot camp class too.  But I suspect I probably won’t like it as much as barre.
All right!  OFF to run.  

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