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June 3, 2016
Before kids, weekend planning consisted of maybe arranging a dinner out with friends.  I was certainly no stranger to lists or using the time productively, but it was generally something I figured out right then and there, on Saturday morning.
These days, I am much more likely to map things out days in advance.  Down time is great, but at ages 2+4 A&C still do much much better when we are doing  . . . something.  Even if that “something” is just going to the playground to meet up with friends.  Furthermore, obviously any desired activities that are sans kids require at least minimal planning to figure out who will be with them.
Here is this weekend’s plan:
Friday night:
Nothing exciting* 
Balance YNAB for May & budget June
Finish with laundry (seriously living it up over here!)
Flybarre class @ 8:30 (Josh home w/ kids)
Then, Josh gets in his workout
Bday party at play space (both kids)
C nap
Beach if weather good; museum perhaps if it’s bad
Out as a family (maybe Cuban @ Sazon, we’ll see)
Lazy time @ home
Family run together
Swim class & camp orientation
C nap (plan for next week during nap)
Playdate/dinner w/ friends
* other than probably get stuck in major traffic because Obama is coming right nearby!
I am impressed by this Magnatile creation

from yesterday’s AM run 

hard at play

happy birthday poppy!
(& eating an apple)

wearing a dress that Aunt Bec sewed 100% by hand!!

right before heading to the LAST day of school!!!
PS: still working on Summer Routine ideas!  please steer me towards any inspiration you may have!

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