August 12, 2016

whew.  What a week – a lot of work stress + a cold + hormones = bah.  I am ready for a weekend reset!

Various updates:
1) Evenings & the kids:  The past 2 nights have been better than Tuesday night which spurned my angsty post.  I really think writing about it helped, though, because a) it made me more aware of the nuances of the situation and b) your ideas were right on.  Especially distracting them with more activities.  Honestly, I think boredom was not helping us one bit!  Still working on the remaining calm part.   But I love that at least I’m thinking about it. 
current evening obsession: printing things out and coloring them
2) WOW, those Olympics!  Even though I’ve only caught bits and pieces, it’s so much fun (and unusual) to have a positive thing to talk about with other people!  Sunday is the women’s marathon – hoping to catch at least a tiny bit of it.
3) Cult pens.  Sooooo in my horrendous mood, I turned to one of my coping mechanisms:  browsing for stationery.  I KNOW.  And then I discovered that Cult Pens carries nuuna notebooks and that the pound/dollar exchange rate is really in our favor right now.  
a nuuna notebook!
And the rest was history.  I will of course report back on my discoveries.  A coloring book and some pens may have fallen into my (virtual) shopping cart too . . .
4) And more retail therapy:  Could not help from ordering this cookbook by Shalene Flanagan and her college teammate-turned-chef friend, Elyse Kopecky.  I might go nuts when packages arrive next week . . .
5) No S.  Did well Monday-Wednesday.  Fell off wagon yesterday.  Sort of back on today if chips can be seen as a ‘mini meal’.  Sigh.  I really feel like I’ve sort of lost my nutrition groove lately.  
Weekend Plan includes:
3 yo bday party in Zika land
running & barre hopefully!  Getting over a cold so I haven’t done anything since Tuesday
a date night
play date/dinner
family/swim time
I feel like a cruise director putting together all of the pieces Friday afternoon, but . . .it’s worth it.

And finally
Weekday morning plan (from the super nerdy planning/stationery feed)

Real life isn’t this neat and I’m actually okay with that.


  • Reply omdg March 10, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    Coming up with activities to distract Dyl with in the evenings can be exhausting. It’s no-win. And then I get nothing done. This is why our evenings often end with TV.

  • Reply Anne McCormick March 10, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    I love your ideal day written out. I thought I was the only one who did this!

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