Time Tracking: Day 2

September 14, 2016

Well, if nothing else, this little experiment gives me very easy blog fodder 🙂

I am feeling better today — going to attempt my first workout in a week in a few minutes (a super slow & gentle run).

I’m starting to get excited about a lot of fall-related things.  Little drips, family celebrations, days off — the calendar looks to be full of excitement, and it’s the cozy and celebratory kind that I like.  And maybe one morning the temps will be under 80 for a run.  CANNOT wait for that!
(ALSO, on a superficial note, excited for several packages arriving: my 2017 Hobonichi loot (!!), another Trunk Club box, aaaand I ended up springing for the new iPhone since mine is 3 years old and showing its age, sadly).  
Time tracking, Day 2:
4:30 woke up on own, couldn’t get back to sleep.  Scrolled through blogs/instagram in bed.
5:00 up.  Planned day, blog post, journaled and posted insta photo above
6:20 did tiny bit of work on 2015 (yes 2015) photo book.  Apparently October tends to be the month I get these done.  From the prior year.
6:40 shower.  Kids up, Josh hung out with them while I got ready.
7:10 breakfast w/ kids
7:45 commute while listening to Freakonomics episode on the future.  (note, I want to read this book)
8:30 patients
12:20 prep for clinical education session
1:00 lunch w colleagues
1:45 more prep for clinical education session
2:10 patients, notes, calls, etc.  Couple quick breaks to answer emails.
5:15 work meeting
7:00 commute.  Listen to super light and airy podcast (The Simple Show).  (often my evening podcast fodder is of the calming and not-as-thought-provoking ilk)
7:45 dinner, talk w/ sister on phone
8:15 settle on couch & watch 2 episodes of The Mindy Project (have just one more to go of Season 4)
9:30 sleep!
Okay, off too run!  We will see how this goes.  I was (obviously) unable to keep to my pre-half-training schedule due to being sick, but hopefully will be back on track in a week or so.  This week my goal is to be gentle.

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