Time Tracking: Day 3

September 15, 2016

So I know that really there is no ‘typical week’.  Something always happens:  you get sick, you have a special day off or holiday, etc.  But, I am still going to type the disclaimer that this week has not been a normal week.   I had work obligations both Tuesday and Wednesday nights and barely saw the kids for the past 2 days!  Also, Josh was away in South Carolina for a brief work trip.  Thus, we were not really in our ‘typical’ routine*.  But the rest of the week and weekend are more run o’ the mill.

Anyway, here goes day 3!

5:00 up, organize, email, plan, meditate
6:00 quick blog post
6:20 run 3 miles (slow & gentle)
7:00 shower
7:30 breakfast (partially eaten en route to work)
7:45 commute while listening to the Runner’s World podcast
8:30 work – patients, calls, etc – busy clinic half day

1:10 lunch
1:50 patient calls
2:30 clinical educator training session (included role play & was actually really fun!)
5:00 drive home listening to Happier podcast
5:45 reunite with A&C (they had stayed at our nanny’s house the night before)
6:15 leave for work dinner
6:30 work dinner
8:15 home, A&C asleep (was sad about this – thought A would be up still!)
8:30 mindless blog/insta time
9:00 (yep early!) sleep

the paper version

* Honestly usually I do NOTHING after work on weekdays.  Come home, hang with kids, bedtime routine, dinner with Josh if not with kids, bed!

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