Time Tracking: Day 4

September 16, 2016

1) We are at the halfway point of September.  Between traveling and illness the month has felt . . . fragmented.  Still, I have done well with some goals and not so well with others (running/fitness especially!  But I feel like I had a decent excuse).  I am feeling upbeat though and really hoping the rest of the month is smooth and healthy.

2) I THINK MY HOBONICHI PACKAGE WILL ARRIVE TODAY!!  (it’s in Miami’s USPS center — surely it will make it from there, right?).  I have been tracking it since it left Japan.  I think I might do my first ever unboxing video.  Although I don’t think A is ready to be my camera crew.

3) I have three cooking/baking projects planned for this weekend, all from Run Fast Eat Slow. I think my desire to cook/bake is emerging after a four year hiatus and I think Shalane & Elyse’s book is at least part of the reason.

Without further ado . . .

Time Tracking: Day 4

5:00 up, make grocery shopping list, organize, blog post
6:00 barre3 workout (Annabel woke up.  I offer to let her watch something while I finish my workout – luckily she is fine with this)
6:40 shower
6:55 C up!  breakfast with kids, hang out, pack lunch
7:50 commute with Marathon Training Academy podcast (one of my favorites)
8:35 patients

12:00 eat lunch & peruse instagram/blogs
12:30 attend Grand Rounds (conference) on concussions (kept thinking of my own concussion experience – ugh)
1:15 patients (with med student).  A lot of diabetes which I love but find emotionally draining – I was tired by the end of this day!
4:45 leave!  Michael Hyatt podcast on work/life balance
5:30 home.  Hang out w/ A&C, puzzles, toys, etc
7:15 start bedtime routine.  Josh comes home ~7:30
7:45 C in bed.  I wait for Josh to finish putting Annabel to bed . . . and it takes until 9!  Unfortunately I definitely wasted that pocket of time in online wanderings (mostly b/c I hadn’t realized it was going to be so long).  In retrospect I wish I had done something else!
9:00 dinner w/ Josh (yeah way too late for my taste)
9:30 sleep

Off to RUN!


  • Reply aly March 10, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    Please do a Hobonichi reveal! I have the 2016 Techno Cousin but really want one in English for 2017 (which I don’t think they offer). If I bought the Techno Planner (English), I think I would need a new cover which I don’t really need (but they ARE cute!!).

  • Reply Young March 10, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    Yes to the unboxing video!

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