Time Tracking: Day 6

September 18, 2016

woo hoo, a weekend!  Usually my time tracking efforts fail before Saturday rolls around, so I’m happy to have made it this far.  Josh is currently making pancakes while the kids are running around acting crazy, so I’ll keep this one short.

5:45 Annabel up, unfortunately.  Josh got up with her to try to get her to lie back down (she went to bed at 9, so it was too early for her!).  It failed.
6:30 Up, quick time-tracking blog post
6:40 Make breakfast for kids, they play.  Josh goes to work
9:20 Josh home.  Run 4.2 (hot) miles.
10:00 Home, shower, Annabel’s friend + her mom over for play date.  Hang out with them.
11:00 A’s friend has to go.  Kids go somewhat stir-crazy.  We probably should have gone outside, but it is just so hot and I’m over summer.

12:30 Family birthday party for my nephew at a pizza restaurant
2:30 Home; Cameron naps & Annabel reads books
3:00 Try on Trunk Club* (Laura and I both got boxes at the same time!).  I didn’t do a full photo shoot this time as I was feeling a) rushed and b) hormonal and fluffy.   Sorry!  But here’s the one dress and boots I decided to keep:

It’s a short black wrap dress from Topshop and I love it.  The boots are hard to see, but they are these in case anyone is curious.  They are super comfortable and cute with jeans.  I also kept a basic wine-colored drapey tank top that I wore out last night.
4:50 Leave for date night, because we had planned to see a 5pm showing of Sully.  We got there late, but didn’t miss anything.  Loved the movie — really well done.
6:45 Strolled down Lincoln Road and got the kids some little things at Gap (superman shirt for C, cat-ear headband for A)
7:45 Dinner at the Forge — Miami Spice is a fixed price concept that many restaurants follow from Aug 1 – Sept 30 (low season here), and allowed this dinner to be much more reasonable than it would have been.  My assessment:  good food.  Not my fave atmosphere.  I still miss the NC restaurant scene 3 years after leaving . . .
10:00 Home
10:30 ZZZ
* affiliate link to my account – feel free to use or not if you try the service!

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