Time Tracking; Day 7

September 19, 2016

I am sort of feeling on top of things again, a feeling I have not enjoyed in what seems like forever (or at least since our air conditioner broke . . . followed by being on call . . . followed by being sick).  So: yay!?

Hopefully that means I can finally

a) do the 2015 photobook
b) write the GTD/planning posts I had promised so long ago (they are still on my list!)

Time Tracking: Day 7!
6:45 Up, read NYtimes on line in bed

7:00 Downstairs w/ kids & Josh.  He makes pumpkin pancakes (from Run Fast Eat Slow – which was a theme for the day!), kids watch Sesame Street, I write yesterday’s time tracking post, family breakfast (need to work on teaching Cameron not to climb up to stand on the table.  OMG . . .)

9:30 Out for kid bike ride.  We end up at Josh’s parents’ house for 30 minutes or so, as he wanted to pick up his bike to bring to our (new/installed by Josh) storage shed.

11:45 Kids & Josh swim, I prep lunch for everyone, pay bills, sort mail

1:00 Lunch all together, followed by putting C down for nap

1:45 Josh watches football / I do the weekly barre3 workout (35 minutes) while Annabel sort of goes between both of us.  She crafts her own “weights” out of paper & washi tape.  PS – this workout is excellent, and I am totally sore.

2:30 Shower & lots of baking/cooking — I made Superhero Muffins (from RFES) and prepped dinner, which was bacon-wrapped spinach/feta-stuffed chicken, also from RFES!  Both turned out really well.  Highly recommend making the muffins especially!

healthy + delicious

4:30 Straighten up & get house ready for playdate/dinner – our across-the-street neighbors are coming over.

5:00 Neighbors come over!  Cameron wakes up just before they arrive (long nap).  They have a son almost exactly A’s age and a baby.  A, C, and the other 4.5 year old run around like crazy.  The adults have wine & conversation while I finish making dinner, and then we eat.

Menu – cheese/bread/olives set out as snacks, the previously-mentioned stuffed chicken, grilled yellow squash and red peppers, and ice cream for dessert.  Easy 🙂

7:30 Neighbors leave (bedtime for kids beckons) and we clean up.  The house is somewhat destroyed from rambunctious play, but it doesn’t take quite as long as might be imagined.

8:15 House is clean!  Bedtime routine begins (I take C, Josh takes A)

8:40 C in bed / wait for Josh (who falls asleep in A’s room)

9:00 SLEEP.  Yep, early bedtime again.


Tomorrow I will post some more reflections on the time-tracking exercise.  For now, here’s last weeks workout record & this week’s menu since I am feeling relatively on top of things.

M – still recovering
T – still recovering
W – easy 3 mile run (like 10:30/mi pace, super gentle and relaxed)
R – Barre3 weekly workout (35 min)
F – 4 mi run pushing a little more (9:30/mi pace)
S – 4 mi recovery (~10:00/mi pace)
S – Barre3 weekly workout (35 min)

= 11 mi / 2 x Barre3

Menu for this week:
M – salmon, sweet potatoes, broccoli
T – Greek turkey burgers (from RFES)
W – leftovers
R – veggie/bean bowl (from October Cooking Light) with egg on top
F – leftovers or perhaps pizza
(Weekend TBD but I will probably make something from RFES as I’m on a roll!)


  • Reply Laura March 10, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    Sounds like an excellent day! I read about the cook book but have yet to check it out. Sounds like you recommend it.

  • Reply susanruns March 10, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    I’ve made the stuff chicken before and it’s delicious! The muffins are definitely on my list.

  • Reply Ana March 10, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    Ooh those muffins look good! I might try them next weekend.

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