My Blog Is Ugly

October 12, 2016
THERE, I said it.  I’m not referring to the header, which I still think is very cute.  But the overall layout is just . . . 2000-and-late.  Or whatever the kids are saying these days to mean dated*/tired/etc.  It also doesn’t look right on many browsers, a fact that I am aware of but have been studiously ignoring.   I want a pretty blog that looks modern and clean and reflects the time that I put into it.

I have written multiple times about wanting to transfer all of my old posts to WordPress and start anew.  But from what I have read, that is tricky and I might lose all of your wonderful comments.  So what I am thinking is . . .perhaps I will just start again!  As in a new URL.

My previous concern about this was that OMG, my readership would go down.**  But if I really dig into that thought . . .it’s probably okay.  If a given reader finds that changing the bookmark/feedly link is not worth it, then I’m okay with them moving on — hey, it will help them in their journey towards a minimal reader that really fits their needs!  

Upon some reflection, I believe I write this blog for the following reasons:

– Meaningful interactions with you all in the comments
– An outlet for my own creativity
– An outlet for processing my emotions
– To be able to look back and remember things and details and pieces of my life
Changing the URL and moving on is not going to impact any the above.  I would leave this site up, continue to pay the $10/year fee for “” and just link to it as “archives”.  The $ I get from Blogher are not worth stressing over ‘readership’ and whether that might change.

Plus who knows . . .maybe with a prettier site I would be moved to write more, and then the #s might go up anyway.

Thoughts?  WordPress users, it makes sense to switch, right?  New site name ideas?  All welcome.  And thank you for reading, I seriously cannot believe it’s been 12 years . . .

* You know you’re old when the expression you use to mean ‘dated’ is dated.  Ahh well.

** If anyone is curious, according to Blogger’s stats, this site usually receives around 1500 pageviews/day, or ~45,000/month.

They do add up – to 3.3 million since 2010 and Blogger began tracking!  Also apparently I’ve written 2725 posts.  Which is . . . many.

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