weekly rundown

October 11, 2016
last week’s workouts:
M – 5 mi.  Splits: 9:339:359:4810:2410:29.  HR ave 169, max 184.  79F
T – barre3 30 min
W – 4.4 mi.  Splits: 10:199:409:4110:55.  HR ave 173, max 193.  81F
R – rest / hurricane day @ home!  
F – 5 mi.  Did 1 mi with slow jogs ~1min btw each.  Mile splits 10:109:039:219:2910:24.  HR ave 167, max 189.  81F
S – barre3 30 min
S – 7.35 mi.  Steady splits 10:50/mi ave.  HR average 156, max 165.  81F.

this week’s meal plan:

– salmon, plantains, green beans
T – potato-white cheddar soup + salad 
W – fam dinner for post-Yom Kippur Break Fast*
R – chicken sausage & broccoli penne
F – leftovers
S – out
S – cooking some version of Hot Chicken, mac ‘n’ cheese, and roasted veg for guests

5 things I am loving

– tahini.  Mentioned yesterday but seriously I am obsessed.  I want to put it on everything.  Yogurt, toast, salad, everything.

– “low” temps that are below 80!  FINALLY!  we are getting somewhere!!
– the longest call-free stretch that I’ve hard in a loooooong time.  I will be making up for it later but man, it is amazing how much happier I am when I can control the beginning & end of my work day
– the Bedtime app on Ios10.  
– Carseat Headrest – great running/workout music.  I am also intrigued by the new Solange album.

I kind of enjoyed doing this rundown 🙂  Maybe a weekly thing?  Hmm.  I do want to be more accountable to my workouts and try to figure out some patterns so that I can increase my speed.  Hopefully writing out & analyzing my splits will ultimately help me get faster.

* no, I’m not fasting but that’s still what it’s called!

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