November 16, 2016


I feel like I’m crawling out from under a rock.  A toxic melange of factors (political, being on call with a lot of poorly-timed wakeups, and good ol’ hormones) basically put me in quite a state last week.  Functioning, yes.  Distracted, hell yes.  Pleasant, no.
And while I poured many deep and emotional and scheming thoughts into my journal, none were appropriate for the public eye.  Hence the absence.
But I am back, baby!  And while I cannot exactly say I feel at peace with the world, I seem to be having my first good day in quite some time today.  So that is cool.  My alarm went off, I resisted the urge to check email or Insta on my phone, did my Headspace, went for my run, and have actually had a miraculously productive and focused morning.  If anything, perhaps I would say that I emerged from my previous state with a clearer head and more concrete goals.  And a broader mind about future possibilities.
Various and sundry updates
in no particularly order:
1) I have just discovered the Hamilton soundtrack.  Yep, I’m a little late.  But it’s really amazing!  We are actually going to see the show in June (so excited) so I am determined to really get to know the music beforehand.  Oh, and I want to read at least one historical book to help me get the most out of it!  (Recommendations welcome.)
2) Cameron is 2 and 3 quarters.  I think it was almost exactly at this age when I felt like I could leave Annabel alone for few minutes in a room without having the instinct to worry about it.  And he is now there!  This is actually quite a miraculous milestone, even if it is not as dramatic as first steps or words.
3) The weather here has shifted to gorgeous.  Not sure if it’s worth the nearly-endless summer, but I’m happy we’ve arrived!  This morning’s run temp was 68.  I was actually a little cold at the start 🙂
4) I think that Not Checking Email or Social Media Until Noon might be my new thing.  Seriously I have never felt so clear-headed.
5) I am getting excited about Thanksgiving and the holiday season!  We’re going to take A to Nutcracker (and hopefully this year she won’t decide she’s done with it halfway through . . .).  I’m starting to draw up holiday gift lists (and reaaaaaally trying to curtail excess ‘stuff’ in our house.  Not saying we won’t indulge A’s Shopkins wants but I’m hoping to keep it relatively minimal).  
6) Tonight I am planning to work on filling in / prepping my 2017 Hobonichi.  You know.  Just one of the most exciting events of the year.
Okay, everyone!  Hopefully this mood will continue; if so I will be back with more tomorrow.

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