Halloween happenings

November 1, 2016

Well.  I survived the weekend.  It was not one for the books.  Work was moderately busy.  Josh was off but had tons of work to do.  I felt scattered.  I did not work out.  I ate wayyyy too much sugar (it is Halloween but I am officially DONE with candy already for the year).   Whatever the opposite of mindful+present is, that’s pretty much what I was.

Despite my intentions!

But it’s over now, and today is Halloween!  I am working a half day, which will give me some time to a) run (didn’t get to this AM, as Josh had to go in super early); b) recover; c) head out early w/ the kids for Halloween!  While it is definitely not my favorite holiday*, I am looking forward to how happy the festivities will make the kids.

* Top 5 Favorite holidays: Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, New Years Eve & Day, Mothers’ Day 🙂



Yep, they had a blast!  And now it’s November.  I’m looking forward to cooler temps and lots of fun up ahead.

pre-trick-or-treating with great-grandmother KK

talented and dedicated pumpkin carver


headed to Halloween party

contemplating a bad idea

hee hee

taking a careful inventory


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