wedding weekend (mostly in pix)

November 8, 2016

We spent Thursday through Saturday in Gainesville, celebrating the wedding of Josh’s cousin.  The drive was not suuuuper-easy (300 miles with a 2.5 / 4.5 year old are never going to be!) but I would call the trip an overall success.

Low points:  children getting stir-crazy in car no matter what devices were handed to them; eating fast food not once but twice.   I’m in detox mode now.

High points:  family fun, dancing with both kids, celebrating the two brides, gourmet popsicles (the Hyppo) not once but twice, the fact that the kids actually slept well one of the two nights in the hotel (the other night was not fantastic, but not disastrous either!).



love (trail behind a playground, awesome!)

in awe of the falling leaves

pumpkin pie popsicle!
flower girl-ing like a BOSS

sleeping through the entire ceremony (also like a BOSS!)

she took her duties very seriously

he alternated between seltzer/lime and fruit punch

annabel + mommy SELFIE
now back home (at friends’ house)

back to endless summer

avos + OFF.   

bujo-ing my start to the week
I’m on call!  Oh, and there’s apparently an election tomorrow.  CAN’T wait for it to be over!


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