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December 17, 2016

JUMP ROP”  by Annabel
I have no good illustrations for this post, so we’ll just use A’s latest piece, since I happen to love it.  
SO.  I will not sugarcoat:  the past week passed in a haze of a horrible mood.  I actually found myself googling PMDD, and what do you know?  I could check off every box.  As I’ve written about previously, I essentially never had natural, regular hormonal cycles until after having children + stopping breastfeeding.  Literally, my first regular periods OFF of an OCP were in 2015, at age 35.  It has taken me the last year and a half to realize that my own hormones, when functional, really do impact my moods like whoa.  
Knowledge is power, though.  I am hoping that by being more aware, maybe I’ll start to handle my negative feelings during the dreaded luteal phase week better.   
My parents visited last week (hi parents!) and it was lovely at times and stressful at others (sorry parents!).  I am already trying to plan another visit so we can attempt a do-over.   Navigating that parental relationship when you have children (and non-babies!) of your own is a whole new territory, and I’m just learning (and realizing that yep – so are they).  I want A&C to have strong bonds with both sets of grandparents, so it is really important to me that we make things work.  
All that said, there were some good things that happened.   My Madewell order arrived and I was thrilled with the fit + quality of what arrived — I’m keeping 90% of it.  It’s also more my style, which . . . well, maybe there are reasons to do one’s own shopping.  Some interesting things may be happening at work (perhaps more on that to come).  We saw Moana with the kids, and they loved it.  I had a decent interval run yesterday.  AND I woke up with more hope + positivity today (probably because my progesterone level is starting to fall, but whatever I’ll take it).  We have a lot of fun planned for the weekend (play dates, Nutcracker, more!).   I am going to avoid the news (too terrifying) and allow myself to just enjoy the time with family + friends.  
Happy weekend.
Album of the Day:  Angel Olsen’s MY WOMAN


  • Reply Rinna March 10, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    Wow, that sounds really tough! Thank you for sharing. I guess it puts my annoyance at feeling somewhat bitchy for 2-3 days a month seem not all that bad 🙂 It’s crazy how much menstruation can affect us. But what’s really started to freak me out a bit is that, having turned 40 recently, I’ve probably only got another decade before menopause. And that shit is not something I am looking forward to at all!! Seriously, I’ll take mood swings once a month any day and twice on Sunday! Ah – being a woman.

  • Reply Anne McCormick March 10, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    I thought this was a good read: Moody Bitches: The Truth About the Drugs You’re Taking, The Sleep You’re Missing, The Sex You’re Not Having, and What’s Really Making You Crazy by Julie Holland. It is controversial but worth considering.

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