Just a few ideas for 2017. (A wishlist of sorts!)

December 22, 2016
daily meditation.  build on current practice
daily journaling.  right after meditation
daily movement.  walks on non workout days, even just 20 min at lunch
daily music!  one album, if possible.  a few songs (or half an album) if not
daily flossing + skincare.  link the two activities as I enjoy one more than the other . . .
reading as part of everyday bedtime routine
phone use.  I would like to limit Instagram to just in the evening + once as a mid-afternoon break.  remain off of facebook (account inactive since 2/2016)
task focus.  I want to try to use the ‘bits of time’ better but still consciously focus on one task
post something nearly every day
eat 90% healthfully and mindfully.  eat for enjoyment in the other 10%
weekly saturday night date nights unless on call
monthly donations to causes I value
nightly one-on-one time with Annabel
trip to NC to see my sister
weekend day with each kid
try new miami restaurant every month
movie date every month
ways to streamline / have greater efficiency at work / create more balance
running coach?  kayla itsines/BBG?
quarterly planning retreats/summits with Josh
greatest wishes
to have dinner + bedtime routines w/ kids be peaceful and pleasant 
to cultivate a peaceful, comfortable, and happy home environment
to have a great trip with my family with no fighting (!) and deeper connection
to make a positive impact on the lives of my patients, big or small
to feel more engaged in each and every thing I do
organize family videos
organize finances
create 2016 photobook by end of January
upload all worthwhile-to-keep kids’ videos to YouTube
KonMari entire house 🙂
develop ability to eat more slowly
improve running paces
have fantastic summer family vacation
have nothing in my closet that does not a) fit b) spark joy
feel strong and fit – be able to complete entire flybarre class without dying 🙂
have blog site look pretty + modern to me again
read 24 books in 2017: 12 nonfiction, 12 fiction.
[also work goals, related to a) transgender clinic b) residency c) research d) leadership e) protocol development]

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