Saturday musings (during Sesame Street)

December 3, 2016

Good morning and happy Saturday!  I had wanted to check in the past 2 days but I have been passing out early.  Like 9 pm or before.  But I do feel incredibly rested this AM and the kids are happily watching Sesame Street, so . . . might as well post some updates.

In random list form.  Because who has time for fancy prose on a weekend?

I just reinstalled Moment on my phone.  Today I am planning to keep essentially phone/screen-free.  (After I write this post, obvi).  No Instagram, no email, no non-essential surfing of random stuff.  The last time I did this it felt really nice.  Like a mini-retreat for my brain.

Annabel has strep for the first time.  I diagnosed it (sore throat, no other resp symptoms, + lymph nodes, + fever, mild rash on face) — and it was confirmed via RapidStrep at her PCP later that day.*  Luckily she’s on day #3 of amox today and back to her normal state of health.  Despite the fact that Cameron gets sick constantly, Annabel almost never does.  I think this was her first sick doctor visit in at least 2 years.

Operation Moderation (in eating habits — from the discussion in this post) is going well, even if the calendar says December.  Honestly, I am very motivated because I really really want it to work.  

Operation No Shopping has been cancelled.  I ordered a Trunk (prior Trunk Club posts: 1, 2, 3).  Ahh well.  (Josh and I both get monthly allowances in YNAB to spend on our own choice frivolities, something that was my idea.  Just like when I was a kid, I get really excited to spend mine whenever I get it.  You know what?  This system works.  I’m not messing with it.  The Trunk looks promising and I will post a review when it comes.)

Albums of the Day:  In the past several days I have listened to:

– Nick Cave’s Skeleton Tree
– Solangé, A Seat at the Table
The 1975, I Like It When You Sleep . . .
– Radiohead, A Moon-Shaped Pool
David Bowie, Black Star

All from this year.  Predictably Radiohead was my fave (I’m a long time fan).  I can respect the Nick Cave, but didn’t like it.  I really did like the Solangé too.  I am having so much fun with this little project.

Okay, off to prep for the day!  It’s just me + the kids until this evening, so I’m thinking Young At Art to tire them out, easy lunch out, and then C’s nap where I plan to attempt to sneak in a barre3 session. We’ll see how it goes . . .

* I did not go to this pediatrician visit – our nanny took her.  For some reason this makes me feel guilty as all get-out, but at the same time I recognize that it’s illogical guilt.  Annabel was completely fine and I was essentially sending her in to get a very simple test.  BUT yeah.


  • Reply Omdg March 10, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    Re: sending Annabel with your sitter to the dr, you have nothing to feel guilty about, but I also totally hear you. I’m glad she’s feeling better. Dyl has had strep once so far, and she was SICK. Yay antibiotics! Ok you have now inspired me to get off my phone! Have a great rest of your weekend!

  • Reply Irene March 10, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    I think struggling with handling a sick kid is one of the worst parts of being a working parent. My daughter was sick on Friday and my husband stayed home with her because I had a deadline. I was a disaster by the end of the day. She was fine with her dad but I just like to be the one there, you know? My husband doesn’t understand- he’s perfectly happy to have me be the one off work with her (which is what usually happens). Every time one of us have to miss work I also wonder how the hundreds of thousands of people who have no sick leave make it work. It boggles my mind.

  • Reply Aimee March 10, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    Radiohead 4eva– remember Montreal summer 2001?!

  • Reply Erica March 10, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    Sometime I even feel guilty when Dan takes G to the doctor instead of me, as if it’s a "Mom Job." So I get it. I like this idea of an album a day. I would like to try it!

    We also set up monthly allowances for similar reasons and I adore it. I love knowing what I have set aside money for – it removes the guilt of shopping’

  • Reply Young March 10, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    For your music listening project, do you listen to stuff exclusively on your phone? And if you do, how do you avoid mindlessly scrolling on it? That is too tempting to me which makes me never want to listen via my phone.

  • Reply Priyanka March 10, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    You have nothing to be guilty about my friend, although I think we Mama’s are just wired like that 🙂 I mean I feel guilty if my husband takes him to the doctor and I cannot make it. I am going to check out YNAB, have you done any blog posts on this topic. I’ll just search and find 🙂

  • Reply Ana March 10, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    I get the guilt feeling but agree its stupid and you should stop it 😉
    Strep sucks. B had it twice (2 years in a row) and L had it once. Good for you making the dx quickly! They were out of school for days each time, with fevers, before I put it all together, because they couldn’t really communicate that they had a sore throat. B was in the "peeling rash on hands" phase the first time, before we took him in and the doctor astutely tested him even though he was only 2.
    When do you listen to music? On your commute?
    I was inspired by you and stayed off the phone most of the weekend and it was awesome. I feel better rested somehow (it was also a relaxing weekend overall). I do feel better connected to my kids/family, and I was quite productive, to boot.
    Can’t wait for the Trunk post!! Vicariously enjoying new clothes!

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