Trunk Club Review, round 5!

December 10, 2016
Here comes Trunk Club Review #5!  I have been using this service for over a year now, receiving one box every 3-4 months.  I have kept anywhere from 2 to 5 items, and at this point a significant chunk of my wardrobe comes out of these boxes.  I have limited time to shop and tend to get overwhelmed while online shopping, so it’s a great way to just let someone else help me out.
That said, there are certainly downsides.  And this trunk perhaps highlights one of them: too many bell sleeves!  I guess they are in right now and I didn’t specify NOT to give me bell sleeves, but . . . as it turns out, I think I am just not into the shape.  That, and sometimes I think it takes the stylist a while to ‘get’ your body type and what flatters.  This was a brand new stylist after I had the same one for a year.

1) I know my hair sucks in these photos.  I need a trim, badly.  Please ignore.
2) Excuse the random clutter/mess.  
With all that said – here come the contents of my fifth box!  Would love feedback as I have few more days to decide what to keep.
Vince flare cashmere sweater, $235, XS
found here
I think I like this.  But I don’t like how see-through it is — I feel like that makes it less versatile.
However it’s also really really lightweight and feels lovely on.  So, I’m torn.

Current/Elliot Peggy Cotton Sweater, $248, size 2 which according to Nordstrom is actually a medium (size 6-8).  
found here
Hmm.  I like, but I’m not sure how versatile since it is HEAVY.  I also think a slightly smaller size might look better on.  

slim signature silk shirt by Equipment, $228, XS
(couldn’t fine exact match online)
This gapes a little bit in the chest so . . . no go.  But cute concept and nice fabric.

Equipment Kenley bell cuff silk blouse, XS, $238
found here
I like this but a) not my best color and b) I don’t like the sleeves + they are too long and would be difficult to alter.
Citizens of Humanity Arielle slim jeans in Hewitt wash, size 26, $188
found here
I like my AG and Paige better so I am not planning on buying these.  They are very comfortable & stretchy though (and I would say run big for designer jeans)

shown again without the tuck

Diane Von Furstenberg Vicky top, $298, size 2, silk
found here
This is a beautifully-made top and fits well.  But I just don’t think I see it as special enough to justify the price tag.  Thinking about it, but probably no.  I might have preferred it in a dark jewel tone or earthy neutral so the details would have been more easily seen (it has these really nicely flowing pleats and is interesting yet flattering)

Free People Criss-Cross Sweater, XS, $98
Found sale at Nordstrom: here for $57.90
(I do think TC will give you the sale price, but I need to verify)
Regardless I’m not getting this one.  I love the top and high-vent sides.  I hate the sleeves.

Tom’s Leila Bootie, $138.95, size 6
Found here
I love these!  I asked for booties similar to this and the stylist delivered.  
They are very cushy and comfortable.  I’ve already worn them so obviously . . . keep.

Lace Trim Velvet Jacquard Slipdress, Topshop, $68, size 2
Found here
Where’s that frat party again?  Wait, did you say I’m not invited?  Is it because I’m 36?
Oh.  Then I guess I have nowhere to wear this dress.  
(Too short . . .tight . . . and the side view was not pretty, either.  Pass 🙂 )

NYDJ Fringed Sweater Jacket, $198, size PXS
Found here on sale for $118.80
Hmm.  If I lived up North this would be an absolute yes.  I almost want to get it for travel + watching movies in overactive A/C.  We will see.   
Aaaaand that’s a wrap!  Comments/opinions welcome.  And if you are interested, you can use the same stylist Amber by using my referral link here.  It does provide me some store credit if you make a purchase through her, and gives me motivation to post these pix.  If you do end up using Amber, let me know what you think!
Oh, and since I recently wrote about my attempt to get back to my more ‘ideal’ (for me) size by just watching things in moderation, I will say that it might be working but very slowly.  My own clothes are fitting perhaps slightly better but I do not feel totally back in shape.  Thankfully this was a non-issue with most of the long flowy items in this box (and the one pair of jeans that ran big + I didn’t love anyway).

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