December 5, 2016

We had a really nice weekend.  Nothing crazy, but just enough action.  One play date, one (dropoff!) birthday party, one lovely date night (dinner & a movie), one typical Sunday dinner (we had family over for takeout).  On Saturday, Josh was at a conference all day and I tired the kids out at Young at Art (favorite kids’ museum even if it’s 40 minutes away!).  Sunday I got some me-time, during which I did my long run and Josh took the kids to swim class.

I actually really really love our weekends at home.  Also, 3.25 years into moving here I feel like we have real friends.  We may be slower than most but it did finally happen – I feel relatively integrated into the community here.  At times, anyway 🙂

M – 5 easy miles (recovery), 10:25/mi ave, 72F, ave HR156
T – Barre3 weekly workout
W – 5 mi with 3 mi at moderate tempo: 9:089:199:19respectively.  75F, ave HR 176
R – Rest
F – 6.5 mi total.  1 mile warmup (10:19).  2 miles at tempo (8:47/mi for mile 1, 8:40/mi for mile 2).  0.5 mi recovery.  1 mile interval (8:31/mi).  0.5 mi recovery.  0.5 mi interval (7:59/mi).  0.25 mi recovery.  0.5 mi interval (8:12/mi).  0.5 mi recovery.  75F, average HR 167.  
S – Barre3 30 minutes
S – 10 mi long run, slow gentle pace 10:27/mi ave, 75F, ave HR 165
75F (at 5:45 AM!) was the temperature for 3 of these runs.  I am really getting impatient for some slightly cooler temps.  I was happy with Friday’s tempo results but the other runs were somewhat meh.
Dinners (in case anyone needs ideas . . .) all from Run Fast Eat Slow
Fish tacos with mango & avocado salsa*
Butternut squash pasta with chicken sausage**
Bacon-wrapped chicken***
I’m eating with the kids most nights now.  I used to wait until Josh got home but would end up starving and snacking on crap.  I miss our dinners together, but it’s just too late for me.  
Blog posts / podcasts
The Simple Show – “Guilt-free holidays”.  Even though I do not share her religious traditions (she is Anglican), I love Tsh Oxenreider and I love her show.  And this episode (as many do) made me feel cozy.  
Un-fancy – How to Wear Ankle Booties With Jeans.  Because important.
* Both kids liked
** Neither kid would touch
*** Cameron only liked
Album of the Day:  Avalanches, Wildflower.  Like the soundtrack to your dreams.  Love it.


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