a lot of sun

January 23, 2017
As expected, this weekend was a bit of a whirlwind.  And we spent a lot of it outside!  Including
– 2 bday parties (one yesterday that was great; one today that would have been great but I a) really didn’t know anyone and b) felt terribly underdressed, even though it was a 3 year old bday party.  Oh Miami Beach!).
– 1 play date that went really well.  With a boy from A’s class that she might like.  Like, a lot 🙂  It was pretty adorable.
– 1 long HOT run.  Thank you climate change, for making swim class a joy but my run a total slog.  I still (mostly) enjoyed it, though.  Listened to:  Another Mother Runner podcast + Radiohead (who we are going to see LIVE in 2 months!!!!)
– 1 swim class
– 1 brunch out (all other meals either at parties or home)
– 2 family parties
WHEW.  I am even slightly sunburnt today, which was irresponsible.  I put sunscreen on x2 but apparently it should have been x3 (plus I forgot my nose the second time — gah).  But the kids aren’t. Better me than them!

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