January 15, 2017

1) I am the opposite of a night person, but I also kind of hate putting myself to bed.  I have read tips about getting yourself ready even earlier than you intend to go to bed (so that the overwhelming tasks of putting on pajamas / flossing / etc don’t make you procrastinate even more).  But I have never actually been able to bring myself to do this.

2) I probably need to go to bed at 9:30 or earlier based on when I get up but this never happens

3) I would loooove 8 hrs of sleep every night but I know I average around 7.

Phone says 7h19m for the month, but I think it’s a slight overestimate because it thinks I’m asleep while reading in bed

4) 7 is not fantastic, but it does allow me to do things like work out / read / meditate whereas 8 would really crowd out all of those lovely activities.

5) Josh probably sleeps 6-7 hrs on average.  He is not the sort to want to track this in any sort of official way though, so we’ll never know.

6) I basically never have trouble falling asleep.  Probably because #3.

7) I hate falling asleep at events / movies / concerts when they go past 10.  But it absolutely happens.

8) Annabel sleeps about 8:45 pm – 7 am.  This seems like it is on the low end.  I am always so shocked when I read about kids her age going to bed at 7 — I don’t think her physiology would allow it!  Cameron sleeps about 8 pm – 7 am plus a 1-3 hr nap (1 hr on weekdays, more on weekends).

9) I definitely average slightly less sleep when I am reading a book as good as the one I am reading now:

10) I am headed upstairs now, at 9:53 pm, after a scintillating evening of doing patient notes (had to because I jetted off to NC the second I finished with a full day of patients on Thursday and never got a chance while I was up there).  At least I got to write this post 🙂  Aaaaaand . . . good night.

(My alarm will be set for 5:30 because I am going to do my 7 mi run before Josh has to go to work — he is on call so it’s not really a true ‘weekend’ day for us!)

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