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January 5, 2017

1) As I mentioned in a prior post, I decided to hire a running coach.  I selected rather randomly (for price + types of plans offered) Run Your Personal Best.  The plan I am doing is $70/month.  I have no idea if it is going to make me faster, but I love the idea of someone else planning out my paces + giving me assignments.

2) I remain stuck in a speed plateau.  Being sick did not help nor does the fact that I have had maybe 3 TOTAL runs where the temp was 70F or below this year.  (We have had a complete and total non-winter thus far — even by Miami Beach standards).  Today I ran 4 miles at 9:36/mi average and it didn’t feel particularly easy.

3) I discontinued my barre3 membership because I felt like a break.  I really did enjoy barre3 and felt it gave me some benefit in terms of muscle tone, but it definitely did NOT help my running.  I plan on going back to it someday.

4) Or maybe I’ll try Kayla Itsines workouts this summer when I’m completely DONE with trying to run in the heat.  I am not sure I am up for the torture, though.

5) I seem to have gotten back to my ‘happy weight’ after all my prior whining, so that’s nice.  I think it was mostly because I was sick but I’ll take it.

6) I ran 877.8 miles in 2016 (and 847.1 mi in 2015).  I guess I’m consistent if nothing else.

7) One might point out that it doesn’t matter how fast I run.  But it matters to me.  I really like trying to get faster and having race goals to work towards.   I hope I can do it until I’m really, really old.

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