TOYS and GIFTS and CLUTTER oh my

January 4, 2017

Annabel and Cameron got plenty for Hanukkah.

A is currently into:

1) Shopkins
2) Glitzi Globes
3) Calico Critters*
4) Any crafting kits (Melissa & Doug are a huge win)
5) Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens (can’t imagine where she got this idea)
6) Costumes / accessories

C is currently into:

1) Duplos
2) Random things that light up
3) Things to throw
4) Anything that is Annabel’s
5) Trains

I am happy to report that we still can basically fit everything into the cube shelves (gallery below!) + closets.  Okay, plus a small IKEA set of drawers for craft supplies and a mini play kitchen.  But really, things are not overflowing too hideously.  Yet.

Thus far, I have maintained the status quo by either asking A to perform “give away or keep”, or just sneakily removing things during times a-plenty (such as Hanukkah/birthdays/etc) when they are too distracted by the Shiny New Stuff to notice.   But I would say we sit right on the brink of toy overload in our medium-sized home.  I live in (mild) fear of future birthday parties and overzealous family gifts.  Is it wrong to request only books or consumable craft supplies at a kid’s birthday party?  How about asking for a contribution to a larger gift (say, an American Girl doll)?  That sounds really gauche to me, and yet it would make such practical sense.

play kitchen filled w/ faux food / accessories

Annabel’s cube with books & toys

A’s costumes, games, and shared Duplo collection on the ground

C’s cube

Craft supplies in IKEA chest / balls in a basket

* These things are SO damn cute that I am honestly kind of into them too

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