January 15, 2017

This weekend has felt about 30 seconds long, but I’ve really enjoyed it.  I headed straight from the airport to pick up A&C yesterday, and it’s basically been a (mostly) Mommy weekend as Josh is on call.  I always feel anxious when I know I’ll be on my own, but most of the time things go better than I fear.

Today has been really, really nice.  We hit up swim class, both kids did well, and then we went to the playground to meet with friends.  C is currently napping and A is in Calico Critter land (I am intermittently participating in her fantasy world).  This is absolutely not always the case, but I can honestly say I have been enjoying them.  I have also been purposefully giving on very relaxed vibes, trying to really sink into each moment.  Not rushing.  Being present.  Not getting pushy or anxious about anything.  And it has WORKED!  At least this far into the day.  It has been more pleasant, easier to get necessary things done (see weekly review below), and just more fun.

I often feel like everything is moving too fast these days.  Tomorrow I am going to talk about how that relates to work/life balance, and how I am feeling about that these days.  For now I am going back to be a baby bunny in A’s world while we wait for C to wake up . . .

weekly review action
close-up of the list

seene from morning run #nofilter


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