I’m alive

February 2, 2017


I didn’t plan the weeklong disappearance (after posting near-daily for the month, whew!) but life just kind of . . . slipped out of hand.  Sickness (of course), an ankle sprain (Annabel – she’s 100% fine now!), a stressful work speaking engagement (done!  I survived), and the smallest bumpiest plane I’ve ever been on all got in the way*.

I’m still behind on all of my Life Survival Systems and feel rather . . . unsettled as a result, but wanted to check in and let you all know that I am alive.

Game plan:
– Get caught up with GTD-style planning because I know I will feel 8 zillion times better
– Plan weekend (including continued catch up on zzzzz because I am TIRED)
– Focus on Feb goals, which include reading more, less phone screen time, and continued training for my half marathon which is coming up the first weekend in March

OH!  And I do have some news.  Cameron has now used his potty THREE times, which is three more than . . . ever!  I think maybe he is turning a corner and seems much more motivated.  So we’ll see!

* Guess there’s a reason most people don’t fly from Ft. Lauderdale to Orlando!


Last week’s run report:

Mon SICK (GI lameness)

Tue SICK (GI lameness)

Wed 6 mi total, 5 x 800m.  Split paces: 8:18/mi, 8:05/mi, 7:58/mi, 8:05/mi, 7:58/mi (were supposed to be 8:10-20 pace), 63F, HR ave 163

Thu rest

Fri 5 mi run with hill sprints at end, 10:16/mi ave, HR ave 169, 70F

Sat legs/abs

Sun 10 mi LR, ave 9:51/mi, HR ave 161, 54F!!

I am finding that HRs seem to correlate more with temperatures than anything else!  Woah.

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