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March 10, 2017


Somehow I seem to have gotten caught up at work.  It’s a bizarre feeling, really.  I have no pending calls that I know about, no results to communicate, nothing in my In Box.  I do have some longer range residency-related projects but nothing urgent or imminent.  I can actually plan the weekend in some relative quiet.  And then I’m going to head out!  This is so different from my usual unpleasant sprint to the finish on Friday afternoons.  
– Movie Night w/ kids.  Hopefully I can convince them to pick something other than Moana this time, because while I love that movie, I think I have reached the saturation point.  
– Sort mail / clear out desk In Box while they watch so I know I really have everything under control
– Likely Crazy Ex-Girlfriend while they are in bed.  (Season 2 is excellent so far!)
– maybe some AM yoga while the kids watch something 
– Annabel goes to a drop-off playdate / C hangs w/ me
– community play w/ the kids (Jack and the Beanstalk!)
– date night!
– 6 mi run
– Beach trip? 
– Brunch?
– Library?
– Cook dinner @ home
It’s all pretty low-key and wide open, but I am looking forward to the family time.  I also want to spend the weekend UNPLUGGED.  No scrolling, minimal email checking, phone used for calls and facetime and okay, google maps (because I would be lost- literally and figuratively- without it!).  Instead I want to:
– Read
– Just be
– Do something w/ my hands (bake?  cook?  color?  whatevs)
– Practice purposeful self-care (rest, eat healthfully, go outside, meditate, slow down)
Hopefully everyone will stay healthy, the kids will be in good spirits, and this relaxed-sounding weekend will come into fruition.  I feel like we have a ton of travel/call/craziness up ahead so I want to savor this relatively chill time.  
Will report back Monday 🙂

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  • Reply Brittnie March 10, 2019 at 7:09 pm

    It’s so nice to feel caught up!

    Going to unplug as much as possible as well. One thing that has helped me is taking the notifications off my email. Helps me resist the urge to check it everytime I hear that dumb ding!

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