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March 13, 2017
I am definitely happy with the way this past weekend went.  I was not perfectly distraction-free — there were several occasions where I had my phone out and was texting, and quite possibly driving Josh nuts.  But I spent a lot of time where I did feel present.  With the kids.  With Josh.  With myself (while running).  It was really really nice.
I no longer have many temptations on my phone, which really helps*.  However, it’s hard to let go of the conditioned response to respond to a text when it comes in.  I clearly do much better if my phone is nowhere in sight (don’t we all?!) but sometimes I hear it.  Or see it when I pick it up to do something else (log an expense, look up directions, check if a restaurant is open, etc).
I might actually entertain the idea of turning it OFF — OFF! — for a weekend in the future, as long as I am with the kids.  Who else could possibly need to reach me emergently?  And if they did, they could go through Josh.  That said I am dependent on the GPS to go anywhere unfamiliar.  So, yeah.
Weekend happenings:
– rather lazy Saturday AM
– dropped A at a playdate (seriously these drop-off playdates make me feel like I have such big kids!)
– took C for a coffee & cookie & some playground fun during A’s date
– Josh worked in the AM but met up with us after.  I have decided that this is my preferred time slot for him to get things done if needed — best to get it OUT of the way!
– went to The Actor’s Playhouse children’s theater to see Jack and the Beanstalk  and both kids sat happily and watched!  This was a first.
– family date night (Josh & his parents) at Macchialina.  We never get to talk without a kid interrupting mid-sentence these days so this was really nice.
– 6 mi run 
– beach trip!  There were rainclouds in our area so we drove about 45 minutes north and ended up in Hollywood.  It was super low-key, less crowded, and we did escape the rain.  The water was a little rough and cold (uhh, to us, we’re wimps) so the kids mostly played in the sand and ran back and forth along the shoreline.  It was great.
– lunch @ Le Tub – beer + snow crabs* were consumed while enjoying a view of the Intercoastal.
– Whole Foods trip with Annabel.  I loved having the one-on-one time with her.
We didn’t do so well with the DST bedtime (I think it was 9:15 pm before the kids were in bed which is more than an hour later than normal so, oops).  So, tired today.  But it was a really nice weekend.
Neverhome(maker) My month away from Facebook
Un-Fancy Some Pieces Are Worth the Wait(mostly b/c I am jealous of her Piece)
* I miss Instagram, but honestly the break is healthy.  
** Yes I am trying to eat more plant-based but I just am not an all-or-nothing kind of person!
View of the intercoastal waterway at Le Tub

Enjoying the view

Apres-beach.  Attempted a photo together but he played hard-to-get as usual
Boats and blue sky 

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