weekend unplugged!!

March 23, 2017

I’m going to do it this weekend – Friday evening to Monday morning with:

– no email
– no social media
– no scrolling the internet 
Acceptable uses of my phone/computer will include:
– maps
– taking a pic if the moment really calls for it (though no posting of pix anywhere)
– answering texts or making calls if needed to arrange IRL things
– Headspace and the new workout app I am trying (it’s a free trial, I’ll report back when it’s over)
– listening to music on Spotify or a podcast while running
Acceptable uses of my phone/computer WILL NOT include:
– online shopping
– reading blogs or online news
– fact-checking on the internet
Honestly I think I’d like to to try to do this every Friday/Saturday when not on call, but we’ll try the whole weekend this time.  It sounds so peaceful.  I plan on doing more reading, writing/journaling, and just watching/interacting w/ the kids.  Wish me luck!  Will report back Monday.
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Lately they have been playing really well together in the evenings.  It makes me so happy!