musings from the deep: revisited

May 1, 2017

Nearly one year ago, I wrote a post about three.  We thought about, rehashed, ruminated over, and then sat on the idea for as long as I could stand.  And then it started to drive me slightly crazy, to a point where I just couldn’t live with the hanging question mark anymore.

SO we went for it, and here we are, with an 8-week ultrasound pic gracing our fridge:

not much to see yet so don’t mind the blurriness
I will discuss more later, but wanted to explain my (relative) absence.  I have been:
– nauseated all the time
– tired all the time
– disgusted by everything 99% of the time
– blah blah blah but really the first tri is MISERABLE and doesn’t seem to get any easier with age
I am also pretty sure I look approximately 16 weeks pregnant*.  Not sure what to say/do about that; it just is what it is.  I already have all of my patients looking at me sideways waiting for me to say something.
It’s still quite early so . . . anything could happen.  If things don’t work out, I will definitely write about that.  But I felt it best to come clean before this site dies because I just can’t bear to write another post that feels like lying by omission.  
* It’s not twins but apparently I have a (non-dangerous but sizable) fibroid enlarging my uterus.  So maybe that’s at least a partial excuse.  Fun!