spew of random (mostly positive) thoughts on a Friday

June 2, 2017

1) Happy Friday!  I was off Monday and Thursday so this week was a l’il light.  And I didn’t mind.  I am so ready for our family vacay (coming up sooooon!).

Weekend plans:
Sat – kid bday party; pool/dinner party w/ family
Sun – brunch w/ friends (w/ kids); afternoon kid bday party

Looks pretty good to me.

2) I am finally starting to get some energy back, although . . . not all of it.  I had successful run/walk (6 min run/2 min walk) on my day off in HOT sunny humid temps.  I really really want to start getting up early again (I had such a great meditation / journal / workout routine going!) but I just . . . can’t.  Last night I went to bed at 9 and set my alarm for 5:30, butttttt Cameron woke up with horrible coughing and wheezing at 4 am and even though I passed out again at 4:30, when the 5:30 alarm went off there was just no way.

3) But my nausea is so much better (now really just shows up in small spurts esp if I go too long between meals) so I am thrilled overall!  I am eating normal food again, and it’s awesome!

4) Back to #2.  I think I need to take Cameron to a pulmonologist.  Maybe?  No one ever wants to use the word ‘asthma’ these days, but he certainly has something that causes wheezing and excessive coughing and it makes me sad.  I think he needs to be on a controller med but I also haaaate the idea of giving him steroids every day.  Agh.

5) I started The Husband’s Secret yesterday.  I can tell I am going to love it.  Not sure why it took me this long since I loved Liane Moriarty’s Big Little Lies and especially What Alice Forgot.

6) I have to sign Annabel up for after school activities tomorrow (have alarm set!).  It’s first-come-first-serve.  There are activities varying from Mandarin to Coding to Clay Modeling.  She already does ballet & gymnastics so I am thinking of signing her up for more artistic pursuits:  potentially drama, book-making, and/or ceramics.  I am trying not to overschedule, but at the same time — man, so many things I know she’d enjoy (esp the art-y ones, and she asked to do drama).  Apparently kindergarten at her school has plenty of homework, so I know we need to leave time for that too.  I am glad #3 isn’t due until December because I am soooo overwhelmed just thinking about juggling homework + breastfeeding when I haven’t dealt with either of them for years now.

7) Also, Annabel and Cameron are going to have to share a room.  I’m having palpitations thinking about bedtime.

8) I signed up for Barre3 again after a long hiatus.  I’d love to do 2 sessions/week.  Not sure how it’s going to happen with current sleep need though (see #2)

9) Just got maternity bathing suit + 2 dresses in the mail that I ordered from Seraphine!  Hoping there is enough time left in this Wild Kratts episode to allow for try-on . . . especially hoping that this dress fits:

worn by Duchess Kate apparently!

ADDENDUM:  It’s a little big but I’m not going to exchange it because I’m only 13 weeks and have over a HALF A YEAR of pregnancy to go, so, yeah.

Happy weekend 🙂