vacay day 1!

June 8, 2017

Hello from BOSTON!  We have embarked on a family adventure and I am determined to document it to some extent.  So, welcome to Vacation Album 2017- I hope it doesn’t get too monotonous to read.

This is our first big trip with both kids in quite some time- we did go to North Carolina all together, but I think that was more than a year ago, and we met up with my family in Philadelphia last year.  I’m not counting Disney since it’s a 3-4 hr drive for us and we tend to go for just a few days.
This one is more ambitious πŸ™‚ we will see how things go!  So far it seems like the kids have gotten to a much better traveling age.  For reference A is 5 and Cameron 3.25 (you know, approximately.  But every month makes a difference at his age!).
Day 1 in pictures …
6:30 wake up call and right into Poppy’s car (Josh’s dad).  This ride was key!  Very thankful.
My seat partner.  He even let me read 120 pages of The Husband’s Secret on the plane!  (Ps I guessed the secret.)

A few rough moments in the airport while Josh got the rental car. But we survived.

After checking into our hotel, we met up with college bff Vickie and headed for a quick lunch at Flour.  (Note to self- more food pix).  Then to the swan boats!

The kids ran around, fed some ducks, and enjoyed crisp Boston weather that was sooo refreshing after the week of sticky lightning-spiked rain that we’ve been having at home.

We finished up with some shopping and dinner at Summer Shack where A and C eschewed the children’s menu for snow crab legs.  We got to hang out with Vickie and her husband which was lovely until Cameron had a wheezing/coughing attack and we had to rush home for albuterol.  Ah well he is doing just fine this morning!  Different allergens I think … and we are going to put him on inhaled steroids for the duration of this trip at least!

More tomorrow!
Ps: typing this on my phone because I left my laptop at home, so apologies if the writing is even less refined than usual πŸ™‚