weekend, past and upcoming (also dresses and glucometers)

July 7, 2017
Josh is on call this weekend – which means I’m on kid duty.  I’m putting together a plan (leisurely weekends are great . . . until you have young kids) and generally looking forward to it!  The kids are currently watching Aladdin (I generally don’t allow them much screen time on the weeknights, but Friday Movie Night is sacred), so I wanted to check in for a quick update.
I am sad that I never shared any highlights from the 4th of July weekend, which was a great stretch overall.  In summary, I got Cameron’s cold — but then got over it — and the kids ran their first real “race”!
Josh ran a 5K (~7 minute pace on minimal training, I am jealous) and the kids ran the official Kids Dash.  I spectated both!  Here they are looking nervous before the start . . .

Sadly, I don’t have a great finish line shot, just a blurry video.  But it was adorable and they were both so proud to get medals.  Will either of them run on a team some day?  Obviously it’s up to them, but I’d be so excited if it happened.  And maybe they will inherit their father’s talent . . . and my ability to follow a training plan to the letter.  Would be an excellent combination . . . we’ll see.
We capped the long weekend with a festive 4th dinner + fireworks from Josh’s grandmother’s balcony.  She lives in a condo on the 8th floor overlooking the water (not the ocean, just a canal/waterway, but still), and the view was ridiculous – we saw multiple sets of fireworks in the distance, from downtown Miami to South Beach, and even some private fireworks close up.  It was the first time A&C stayed up to make it through, and they looooooved it.

KK (Josh’s grandmother) in all of her splendor!
Also accomplished over the 5-day weekend (for me, since I took days off on Friday and Monday):  a mani/pedi, and dress shopping for an upcoming black tie wedding.  AGHGHGH.  So much fun non-pregnant, so . . . unfun pregnant.  I almost ended up with this Isabella Oliver maternity dress . . .

. . .but ultimately decided it wasn’t fancy enough.  Since there was essentially no true ‘black tie’ option in the only maternity store, I headed to Nordstrom to see if they had any non-maternity dresses that were forgiving enough for a 2nd-tri bump.  As always, they were soooo helpful there and I ended up with this off-the-shoulder Adrianna Papell gown, a size up from normal.   And some really cute shoes  (not the ones shown) 🙂  I am now officially DONE with shopping for the next 8-9 months.  Hopefully what I have will last b/c I have no desire to buy any more items with such a limited shelf life.  
Obviously needs hemming . . . working on it.

Side view – meh it works.
In final news, I made the mistake of checking my blood sugar after lunch today.  I failed my first glucose tolerance test with Annabel (passed w/ Cameron though!), and since I’m now way older and have had more weight gain . . .well, I’m worried.  So I checked and was 160 at 1 hr and 153 at 2 hrs – not great numbers.  Lunch was relatively high-carb (50 grams?) but nothing crazy.  So now I’m slightly paranoid and brought a glucometer home for the weekend because what else is a pediatric endocrinologist going to do!?  SOOO that will add to the adventures . . . happy weekend!


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