weekend report: call weekend

July 31, 2017

Happy Monday (I think).

I was on call this past weekend, which wasn’t wonderful but wasn’t terrible.  I had nearly full-time childcare, since our nanny had asked to trade two weekdays (when I was off) for this weekend, so that made things a bit easier.

Podcast update:
Thank you all for your (awesome) name submissions!  I think the two top contenders right now are Making It Work and Best of Both Worlds – both positive and descriptive enough but also catchy!  This week I will be working on creating some episode outlines so stay tuned as I will likely request some submissions for Q&A segment!


– Annabel’s last summer ballet class which was a parent demo class!  I was impressed with how well the 5-year-old class paid attention and followed the instructor’s movements.  I think they are really learning.

– A nap yesterday afternoon that I really really needed.

Descendents 2 watch party with A’s friends (and our friends) at their house.  Cameron wasn’t so into it, but it was a nice way to spend a Saturday night.

– Getting through most of the research for a Journal Club I am giving this week, and plowing through a powerpoint on Friday (prepping the faculty for our first residency interview season. Ahhh!).  I love feeling productive on these kinds of projects that tend to languish when thing are crazier on the clinical side (thankfully they weren’t last week!).

typical Friday PM scene
from ballet (cuter group shots, but didn’t want to post anyone else’s child without consent)
nice headband, C (no he did not eat all of that salad but he had some)


– Getting woken up at midnight and 3 am Saturday night (work).  They were both legitimate calls and didn’t take too long, but I feel like I spent yesterday in a fog.

– Tripping over my own bag and falling HARD on my hip in a patient’s room yesterday.   Scary.  Baby bump seems thankfully unscathed.

– Rain, thunder, and humidity.  And at least 2 (really 3) more months of this.  At least we are close to the summer weather halfway point . . .


Workouts last week:

M – Treadmill, 3.43 mi / 40:29.  5 min run / 2 min walk segments x 6

T – Treadmill, 3.4 mi / 37:36.  12 min run / 2 walk / 12 run / 2 walk / 8 run

W – Rest

R – Ran outside (slightly insane, it was 85/’feels like’ 96 – no plans to repeat this for a while).  3.3 mi in 37:25.

F – Barre3 30 min weekly workout

S – Treadmill, 3.9 mi / 45:12.  5 min run / 2 min walk segments + a little extra running at the end.

S – Rest (“supposed” to do Barre3 but too tired)

reminding myself today!


  • Reply Young March 10, 2019 at 7:09 pm

    That is really considerate of you to not post the rest of the ballet group. It seems like this is lost on some people.
    That South Florida weather can be rough especially in the summertime. Do you guys ever think about moving?

  • Reply Angela March 10, 2019 at 7:09 pm

    love those ideas for names!

    I hope your hip isn’t too sore for too long; glad to hear the baby os ok

  • Reply Alison March 10, 2019 at 7:09 pm

    If you’re taking votes on podcast names, I really like Making It Work!

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