and, we’re live!

August 22, 2017

As many of you probably saw on Instagram (or read on Laura’s newsletter) – we’re live!  Thank you so those who have listened so far!  Currently, it is are searchable on iTunes (if you’re having trouble finding it, write out the whole name – Best of Both Worlds Podcast – and it should come up!) and we are working on Stitcher.  If you use an app that pulls from iTunes (many do), then you can get it through your app.

Ways to listen:

1) Directly through this link: – this will connect to our host’s site for now (we are hosting through Libsyn as many podcasts do) and you can just click play

2) Search iTunes on your device, and download or stream from there

3) Use a podcast app (Downcast, Podcruncher, Apple Podcast App) to pull from iTunes

4) COMING SOON – will be available on Stitcher and hopefully Google Play.  (Who knew you had to release to all of these different databases separately?)

Let me know what you think!  Many of you have provided positive and constructive feedback and I appreciate all of your thoughts.  I also am looking for more Q&A, so keep ’em coming πŸ™‚  We are definitely planning on incorporating guests in future episodes – other working women and experts on relevant topics – we just wanted to sort of find our voices/get into a rhythm first, plus master the logistics of remote recording!  But stay tuned.

New episodes will be released weekly on Tuesdays for now, but you can download the first 3 now — I hope you enjoy on your commute, workout, or kitchen cleanup!

Back tomorrow to catch up on life, including A’s first day of kindergarten (so bittersweet!).